wellington hairdressers price list

Below is a list of the products and services that we provide as Wellington hairdressers.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  

CUTTING & STYLING - starting from $65

cutting & styling

(Prices from June 2016)

Your appointment includes a complete consultation, shampoo and scalp massage with hot towels for that wonderful pampering experience, then personal cutting and a beautiful styled finish. 


Cut and Style $85
Full Restyle $95


Cut and Style $65
Full Restyle $70

Blow wave

Short $53
Medium  $61
Long $72
Next time you are in-store ask us about our Blow Wave Cards
4 clicks (buy 3 and get one free)
Short (therefore $39.50 per session when you use your Blow Wave Card) $158
Medium (therefore $45.50 per session when you use your Blow Wave Card) $182
Long (therefore $53.50 per session when you use your Blow Wave Card) $214

Up Do

Simple Up Do (30-45 min appointment) $75
Creative (30 min - 1 hour appointment) $125
Party ready / special event (1-1.5 hour appointment) $145

Additional Services

Heated tools $10
Complimentary Fringe Trim (clients only)  FREE
Express Treatment at Basin $8

Student or Child

Your appointment includes a complete consultation, personalized cut and beautiful styled finish.  
Pre School $35
Primary $48
College (shampoo included)  $60

COLOURING- starting from $45



Our colours have less than 1% ammonia to get superb results. You will see improved condition, colour tones and coverage. You can relax in the hands of our experienced colourists. 

A quality, indepth consultation will take place prior to your appointment so your stylist can help choose the best option for you. 

Please note: For all clients booked for a colour service that do not have a full blow dry or a cut included in with their booking, we recommend you have a casual dry costing $25.00 .This will be a rough dry and take no longer than 15 - 20 minutes. It is recommended so the stylist is able to see the result of your colour. This can only be redeemed with a colour service and is not a replacement for a full blow dry service.

Base Colour

Toner $30
T Section $60
New growth $99
Short $165
Medium $185
Long $230
2x application $350

So Pure - Keune's NEW 100% Natural Colour

T Section $60
Regrowth $112
Short $155
Medium $165
Long $185


1/2 Head $135
3/4 Head $150
Full Head Short $145
Full Head Medium


Full Head Long $170

Base Colour + Foils

Base + Scatter (up to 5 foils) $140
Base + Half Foils $147
Base + Full Foils $160

Additional Services

Viv Cap Treatment (lock in colour) $25
Express Treatment at Basin $8
Casual Dry (required for all colour work if b/dry or cut is not included)  $25
When using So Pure Ammonia free colour with Foil Service (+22)  

SEMI/DEMI COLOUR - starting from $65

semi/demi colour 

Semi colour is a conditioning colour that lasts for 30 washes. It helps boost shine and make hair more manageable.  

Base Colour

Short $67
Medium $77
Long $97

Additional Services

Demi Colour when included with other service POA
Viv Cap Treatment (lock in colour) $25
Express Treatment at Basin $8
Casual Dry (required for all colour work if b/dry or cut is not included)  $25

BLONDE WORK- starting from $29

blonde work

Prices are an estimate and may vary depending on length, thickness and colour tone. Visit our salon for a complimentary consultation for a more accurate price. 


Toner                                                        $30
Regrowth  $97
Full length (1 application)  $150
Full length (2 applications)  $190
1/4 section $67

BALAYAGE- starting from $97


Prices are an estimate and may vary depending on length, thickness and colour tone. Visit our salon for a complimentary consultation for a more accurate price. Toner is advised for most balayage applications. 

Click this link for a more detailed explanation about our balayage services.  You may also be interested in an ombre style. 


Modern / Dip From $120
With base From $180
Classic Balayage - short From $165
Classic Balayage - medium From $180
Classic Balayage - long From $200

KERATIN SMOOTHING SYSTEM- starting from $300

keratin smoothing/relaxing system

A safe Keratin-infusing hair relaxing system that is 100% free from formaldehyde.  The sophisticated treatment protects the integrity and health of the hair by infusing active keratin. Results are smooth, straight, frizz-free hair.  Results will vary, consultation necessary.  Lasts around 5 months.

All full services include a complimentary Keratin Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment to the value of $95.00.

Cezanne Keratin Smoothing

Note. The prrices below are estimates and vary depending on hair length and thickness.

Short $300
Medium $400
Long $500
We can also add partial application e.g. fringes or hairlines P.O.A.  
All smoothing/relaxing treatments include a complimentary sulphate free, paraben free Keune travel size shampoo, conditioner and argan oil.  

WEDDING PACKAGES- starting from $240

wedding packages

Click this link for a more detailed explanation about our wedding packages.

Wedding Package                                                                  

Petite $240
Deluxe $540
Ultimate $720

Additional Services

Mobile Nail Technician                                                        POA
Mobile Makeup Artist POA
Additional Bridesmaid - per person                    $100

TREATMENTS - starting from $35



Purchase 3 treatments in advance and receive your 4th FREE


When your hair is in need of a little something extra, you will benefit from a selected treatment to help restore the health of your hair. Leaving it, luxuriously soft, super strong, effortlessly radiant and unbelievably manageable.

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex Treatment with Colour Services $35

Olaplex Treatment $55

Olaplex Card  $165 (4 sessions - therefore $41.25 per session)

Olaplex Deluxe Card - Multi layer treatment system $255 (4 sessions - therefore $63.75 per session)

Shine Deluxe Treatment - Shine Devine

One hour of complete bliss . . .

A multi layer treatment system exclusive to shine,  Olaplex treatment infused in a gloss treatment, whilst relaxing on our 15min massage chair, followed by a personalised basin treatment with hot towels yummy scalp massage. includes a casual dry off.

Your treatment package includes:

  • 15 minute massage chair session
  • Specialised scalp massage
  • Treatment application
  • Hot towel wrap
  • Blow dry and style
  • Price: $85.00

The Nourishing Treatment

Hydrate and strengthen your hair with this decadent treatment. Increase manageability and add luster to tired, dull hair.

Your treatment package includes:

  • Specialised scalp massage and treatment application
  • Hot towel wrap & massage chair
  • Blow dry and style
  • Price: $70.00


  • Creme treatment as part of a normal shampoo process - $8
  • Vivcap a liquid treatment that is blow dried into your hair - $25


remedy treatments

The secret to beautiful hair is a healthy scalp.   At Shine we can help with trouble spots both oily and dry dandruff (The Repair Treatment),  or build up in the hair due to medications, water supply and product residue (The Detox Treatment).  

The Repair  

Do you have a troubled scalp? Natural oils out of control, itching or flaking.

Often the scalp can have different needs to the hair, this can be due to an oily or dry scalp, making it hard to correct on your own. You will receive full hair and scalp analysis, in a discrete manner, selecting from our range of treatments that would best suit your needs eliminating irritation, flaking and discomfort.

The Detox

Does your hair and scalp need a detox?

The detox treatment will bring back your natural shine, add life to your hair and make it visibly lighter and more bouncy. Different environmental factors can damage your hair, the detox will help to repair chlorine damaged hair, dull hair caused by medication, product use, minerals from our water supply or brighten greying hair.


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