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Trudi, Conna, Annie, Mia and Sam

Hi all, I'm April.  Shine has been my baby for 17 years now - I'm really shocked to hear myself saying I've been a hairstylist continuously for 35 years, and WOW!  HAVE I SEEN SOME HAIRDRESSING TRENDS OVER THE YEARS.  I've also had the pleasure to work with some lovely women.  Read on to find out what they are now up to.

wellington hairdressersAmy, Conna, Annie, Emily, Zhana, Trudi

In the beginning it was all about the perm, the more frizzy the curl the better.  For many, "wash and wear perms " just meant 'bad hair days!'  Now we just go to fancy dress partys dressed up in a 80s theme and have such a good laugh at the bad hair!  Hairdressing now is just so much better in every way, let's hope in few decades we look back and only think 'good hair thoughts.'

There really is, so many different ways to personalise your looks these days, and having a stylist that you really like, and a salon you trust, makes such a big difference.

I have worked with some awesome talented people over the years.  Everyone quite different with there own way, but with the same common goal - we love making people look and feel greatI  It's really the joy of our job.  Trends do come and go, but it's really all about the people that you meet along the way.

So what's this about gossip?

Being a small team we all get to know each other and I love seeing relationships grow as clients get to know our team.  Over time the wind of change have blown through Shine.  So I’m sure you love to hear what some of our people are now up to :) 


Wellington hairdressers - TrudiTrudi is the owner of our most recent biggest news.  Trudi shifted to Napier earlier this year with hubby Dennis is now PREGNANT :)))) She is due mid March 2016.  She will be having her scan next week and is hoping to find out if its a boy or a girl.  At the moment she is working at the recycle boutique in Napier and loving all 'those clothes.'  Zhana is often in contact so we will be able to keep you right up to date on that news.  

Talking Babies, Brooke is now on her maternity leave and on her count down.  Lovely Violet, Brookes 6 year old, was really early so never know - could be any day!

Wellington hairdressers - ConnaConna

Our roller derby girl Conna is now living in Dublin, Ireland, with her Irish man, David, that she met here in Wellington.  Her Nan lives in England so is loving living closer to her as well.  Conna is still in our industry but is becoming more specialised in the hair-loss industry.  Their exciting news is they have recently bought a house a lovely semi-detached in Dublin.  I guess next is a cute english bulldog that she has always wanted.  If you ever find yourself going to Ireland I know she would love to see you and hear a familiar kiwi accent.



Wellington hairdressers - AnnieOur lovely Annie (so talented) will always be a happy creative free spirt.  She has had so many adventures!  Originally from Picton, she often finds herself between North and South Islands.  She has had quite a few hairdressing moments.  Been tp uni in Dunedin, Organic Health Product Teaching and sales, along with more salon moments.  If you find yourself looking twice at that lady serving you that perfect coffee, or fire dancing, it may well be our Annie!

wellington hairdressers miaMia

Zhana’s starting inspiration to be a hairstylist?  Yep you got it - her big Sis Mia.  Mia has the pigeon pair- yep, a beautiful girl and boy aged 3 & 5 so Mia and Hubby, Nick, are enjoying this busy time.  Mia and has turned out to be fantastic at baking birthday cakes - amazing!


Wellington hairdressers - SamSam is my most memorable team mate because she was so much a part of Shine Team at the beginning.  Sam is a mother of two beautiful girls and living in Sydney with Hubby, Shane.  Originally an Aussie girl so once having a family it did make sense to head home.  I'm she sure still misses Wellington's wind!  Sam is now part of a salon group partnership.  I know should a fantastic asset with her natural charming 'people person' ways, stunning smile, and a kind demeanor.

I could keep going as so many people have made, and do, make Shine who we are.  So I love to give updates anytime people ask.

xox April



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